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Quality Personal Statement Writing Service

How to Write a Personal Statement

A personal statement is probably one of the most challenging parts of a UCAS application form. One might think that having done a lot of essays in your GCSE, it would be pretty easy to write a personal statement. Surprisingly, this is not the case. This situation has been attributed to the fact that it’s not easy writing about you. When told to write about themselves, most students simply do not know exactly what to write. Note, a personal statement should not be biased in any way or exaggerated. Most examiners are able to detect unoriginality or any form of exaggeration that maybe contained in your personal statement. You might think that being asked to write about yourself simply means writing about all the amazing things about yourself but actually highlighting some of your weaknesses is one strategy of exhibiting personal judgment.

Generally, most personal statement is very specific in terms of what you are supposed to write about since they are based on their respective courses. This implies that if you happen to change your course, you would have to write another personal statement. However, when choosing what course to apply for, make sure you choose something that you are actually interested in. Some students often choose courses based on the pressure probably from family, friends or circumstances. Under such circumstances, one might be pursuing a course like nursing while in fact; the same person has a passion for art. Such situation would be quite tricky when writing a personal statement to do a nursing course.

You must be able to illustrate your strengths, weaknesses and how your personal character relates to your passion of pursuing a nursing course. You wouldn’t be able to adequately convince the examiner if your real passion lies in art. You should know that the main aim of a personal statement is to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm in a particular course or subject. You must also demonstrate to the examiner your suitability to handle your preferred course such as nursing, business or sciences. The format and how to write a personal statement is dependent on your independent jurisdiction and preference. There is no single basic format of writing a personal statement. However, how you start your essay and how you are able to end it without hinting to the examiner that you are probably concentrating on a single side say your strengths is very important. At the end of the personal statement, illustrate to the examiner that you are suitable for the course that you intend to take.